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Mediterranean Kebabs

Served in pitta with salad and a choice of sauce.
Make it large for an additional £1.
Add a skewer of kofte for £1.50 extra, extra pitta bread for £0.80 more and add cheese for an extra £1.

Doner Kebab

Sliced layers of lamb, spiced and grilled on the spit.

Kofte Kebab

Skewer of minced lamb.

Chicken Breast Grilled Kebab

Saffron marinated chicken breast pieces.

Special Mixed Kebab

Mixed Kebab served on a 12" garlic bread (no salad).

Mixed Kebab

Combination of Donner and Chicken Fillet served with salad, pitta bread and a choice of sauces...

Tray of Doner Meat


Tray of Grilled Chicken Breast


Tray of Doner Meat & Fries